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  • FEV/2017

Determination of Metals and Metalloids in Liver and Kidney Tissues by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

Some metals and metalloids are considered essential elements for plant and animal growth to maintain the good health of the living beings and are present in many biological systems as a body,  an  organ  or  a  cell.  These  species  are  required  in  tiny  quantities  but  they  have  a  very important role in a numerous processes in living organisms, taking part in many physiological functions.  However,  in  higher  quantities  these  elements  can  be  dangerous  to  human health. Since  the  concentration  of  essential  elements  in  biological  systems  is  very  low  their determination  requires  high  sensitive  techniques.  Inductively  coupled  plasma  mass spectrometry  (ICP­MS)  is  the  most  suitable  technique  for  the  determination  of  the  elemental composition  of  a  biological  system  due  to  its  high  sensitivity  and  multielement  capacity.
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