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Facing the disease is very difficult for the patient and the caregiver. AD (Alzheimer's disease) is a progressive disease that each patient faces in a different way. So it's always important to adapt the guidelines according to patient's needs and stage of disease development.

Common sense is the principle that should guide the care of an Alzheimer's patient. The caregiver must learn to respect their own limits and the patient.
The changes in routine should be carried out progressively according to the needs that arise.

In the kitchen, if the patient is accustomed to cooking, encourage him to continue as long as supervised.
Alert on high temperature of the pots and the oven
Install timer on the stove
Leave matches and lighters out of reach of the patient
Keep sharp objects in the drawer, in this  case put safety locks
Cleaning materials should be exposed only at the time of use.


The patient's diet must be followed according to his preference and the development stage of the disease.
A healthy, well balanced diet is essential in preventing complications such as infections, bedsores and progressive weight loss.
With the advancement of cognitive deterioration and impaired ability to swallow, should be resorted to mixed feeding, sludge, liquid, and the latter intravenously.

The hours will vary according to the routine of each patient.
Reduce the amount of food but increase freguência.
Take extra food him, giving you only your portion. 
The dish must be of unbreakable material.
Always offer water between meals.

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